Surnateum Exhibition

Exhibitions of the Surnateum's collections are organised by and involve various members of staff:

1. The Curator: The most advanced form of event/entertainment offered by the Surnateum. A talented magician and storyteller, he guides visitors through the various parts of the museum and not only tells you about all of the haunted antiques on display, but is also able to activate them. The Curator can also serve all of the functions described below.
2. Guides: Guides tell visitors about the history of the museum. They can also describe the background of the objects found in the museum, but are unable to activate them.
3. Conjurers: Conjurers provide entertainment in the Special Collections Section of the museum. They also demonstrate the findings of the research carried out by the Frauds Section and explain the history of gear used by gambling cheats.
4. Seer Sensitives: Seer Sensitives present and activate the Divination Section of the Surnateum. They give seminars on this subject (reading tarot cards, I-Ching, etc.).
5. Psy Sensitives: As members of the FED (Foundation for the Exploration of Dreams), Psy Sensitives test and detect individuals from the general public who seem to have 'paranormal' capacities.
6. Guards (SD Section): The Guards protect our collections and detect 'undesirables' (see the Glossary and the Surnateum's Bylaws).
7. The Librarian: The Librarian reads extracts from the many grimoires (books of spells) found in the Surnateum's Library and tells stories about the adventures Surnateum personnel have faced abroad and how certain items were acquired.
8. Kindergarten: or 'sorcerer's school'. Kindergarten is a place for training young sensitives in a fun and fulfilling way.

For more information on organising an exhibition, please contact the Curator.