Public and private exhibitions

On occasion, certain sections of the Surnateum are opened up to the public.
Here you will find the dates and venues of such exhibitions.
Several years ago the Surnateum and the Institute established a Theatre and Entertainment Department which may be contracted by members of the public and businesses to provide many different kinds of entertainment at events of all sizes.

  • Teller of Urban Legends: Following in the tradition of the griots, the Storyteller presents the enigmas and mysteries of the Surnateum's haunted antiques. An evening spent with a talented Storyteller is a rarity indeed.
  • Magical theatre: The Theatre Department has developed a number of fascinating shows for audiences of all ages, combining traditional magical theatre with our own unique brand of entertainment under such titles as Magical Objects, The Magic Box and Hauntings.
  • Surnateum Exhibition: All or part of the Surnateum can be rented out for exhibition, along with Guides capable of activating the haunted antiques.
  • Lectures and seminars on memory and memory enhancement techniques.
  • Testing and detecting sensitives. The Institute offers a battery of tests and experiments designed to discover the hidden talents buried deep within some of us.
  • New: The Fraud Section now offers a very impressive show on cheating and cons.

For more information on event organisation please contact the Curator.