Department of Oracles and Divinatory Tools

As traditional or esoteric knowledge, divination means seeing into the future, the past and what is hidden or occult. It is, literally, the exercise of divine power which the orant serves and the magus utilises. Divination is performed either directly through intuition and travels in the spirit world, or indirectly via a medium, a physical  vector, in which case it becomes a -mancy. Cicero said that there are two types of divination: one the result of art, the other of nature. Divination offers an incredible wealth of tools and methods. In traditional societies, it is the physical link between the myth world and the real world. Diviners can contemplate the heavens (astrology), signs of nature (auspices) or animal entrails (haruspices). They can interpret the results of spells that have been cast (cowries, nuts, bones, stones, coins or yarrow). They can read tarot cards, tea leaves or coffee grounds. Their work is, by its very nature, sacred or simply practical. Darker forms include necromancy, which involves consulting the ancestors.