7 Girls
Las Vegas: 1 March 1969
INV. SCP/7G-08274
Artefact belonging to a member of staff at the Surnateum

Steve had won big at craps, but before he left Las Vegas there was one thing he wanted to do.
His friend Sam had told him about a private 'club' where the world's seven most gorgeous girls were said to live and work.
He had always thought that it was just some urban legend, but now was the time to find out if it was true.
The house was some way off the strip; it took him about 15 minutes to find it. There was no sign to distinguish it from the other houses in the neighbourhood. Walking up to the door, he hesitated for a minute and then rang the bell.
After a few seconds a peephole opened up and a throaty voice asked him what he wanted. "Tubalkan", he said quietly. Apparently the password was still valid, because the door opened.
"Please come in, my friend" said a lady of a certain age, "and welcome!"
As he entered the small living room, he instantly knew that Sam had been true to his word.
This place was inhabited by the seven most gorgeous ladies in all of God's beautiful earth.
"Let me introduce you," said the Madam.
"The young blonde lady, Ingrid, comes from Sweden. She is 21 and is an expert in body massage. Chips, the redhead with the perfect measurements, can take you to heaven and back with her left hand alone. Natasha, as her name does not imply, comes from India and can recite the Kama Sutra in nine different languages - imagine how agile her tongue must be... "
And so she went on, introducing all seven girls, each and every one of which made the world's leading high-fashion models look like butt-ugly monkeys.
"So, what will it cost me to spend some time with one of these girls?" Steve asked. "The price is $1,000 for one hour with the beauty of your choice," came the reply.
"Whew, that's pretty steep. Don't you give discounts for professional magicians?"
"Well, we do have another deal," said the Madam. "It's the kind of thing you could only find in Las Vegas."
"We can play a game called '7 Girls'. You bet $500 and throw two dice."
"If you roll anything but a 7, then you lose your money. But, if you do roll a 7 then the combination of spots on the dice will determine how many girls you get and how much time you get to spend with them. For instance, if you roll 4-3 you can play with 3 girls for 4 hours, or 4 girls for 3 hours; if you roll 6-1, then you can have 6 girls for 1 hour, or 1 girl for 6 hours. The same rules apply if you roll 5-2."
Steve's lips widened into a greedy smile.
He placed $500 on table, picked up the dice and threw them. But as they travelled down the table the dice transformed: one had a 7 on each side, and the other was completely blank. Just imagine: Steve spent the time the time of his life with all 7 girls and no time limit at all!