The photograph of Angèle Rosier

The evening was drawing to a close at the Surnateum's Department of Haunted Antiques. Outside it was a cold, January night, but inside the atmosphere was particularly 'spiritual'.
The Curator had just given us a thorough presentation on the origins of spirit photography, from Mumler to the present day. He was explaining methods of trick photography - ranging from double exposure to having an accomplice rush by at the moment the shutter was snapped - when he had the idea of showing us a strange phenomenon concerning a particular photograph, one of those little treasures buried away in one of the museum's back rooms.
It was a portrait of a pretty girl with a lovely smile, probably about 20 years old. In her right hand she held a closed fan.
"This is the only known portrait of Angèle Rosier, the most charming medium of the 19th century. And while all of the other photos that I've shown you this evening used clumsy forms of trick photography, this one is truly haunted!
Much less famous than Florence Cook and Eusapia Palladino, who produced impressive physical phenomena during their trances and who were experts at using the media, Angèle was more discreet during her manifestations but much more accurate in the messages that she channelled. She used various methods for communicating with the spirits, including a magic mirror. The fan you see in her hand was her trademark. She used it while communicating with the spirits, both to attract them and to send them away. Almost like a magic wand.
When she felt that the end was near - yet another victim of the 'Spanish flu' epidemic ravaging Europe - she announced in a weak voice that while her time had come to return to the world of darkness she would do so in an indisputable way. "
The Curator shook the photo gently and the fan opened!
He shook the photo again and this time it closed. He handed me the enchanted object for me to examine, that eternal mischievous smile playing on his lips.