Inv. SDD/pe-92464
Exorcist's basket and horned human skull

Acquired by the Surnateum in 1959
Origin: France (1920-1940)


Franco-Belgian exorcist's wicker basket containing: a cassock, a surplice, the Roman Ritual, a silver holy water sprinkler, a bottle of holy water, a bottle in a wickerwork carrier for Lourdes water, crucifixes, the key to the cure (?), various items from Lourdes (including a hotel key), a travel razor, bottles of medicines for stress and digestion, a letter from the archdiocese of Mechelen (Belgium), a silver flask for consecrated oil and miscellaneous small items.
Acquired by the Surnateum at the same time as the horned human skull.

File 1: Horned human skull

Horned human skull. Probably a relic of a satanic cult or a cult devoted to the Great God Pan. Although we thought that the object had been cleverly manufactured, an analysis has demonstrated that the horns are genuinely part of the skull. An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is not a forgery. Giant skeletons of horned men were also exhumed in Pennsylvania (USA) in the 1880s. Like the skull presented on this site, the horns began above the eye sockets.

File  2 (currently in preparation): The Lourdes Water Fight